About Myself

Often Experience measured in years is necessary for people to judge skills. I instead believe it is the number of contributions, the number of proofs and impact one has left behind him, that enable us to judge proper skills, irrelevant of our age.


Technologies explored


Projects Developed


Awards and prizes received

Machine Learning95%

Deep Learning95%


Constraint Programming70%

Backend Development80%

  • Mar 2019 to July 2019


    Deep learning Research Intern
    Paris, France

  • May 2018 to Nov 2018


    AI Research Intern
    Rabat, Morocco

  • Mar 2017 to Sep 2017


    Development Engineer Intern
    Rabat, Morocco

  • Sep 2016 to July 2019


    Data Engineering
    Rabat, Morocco

  • Sep 2014 to May 2016

    Med Reda Slaoui

    CPGE Classes
    Agadir, Morocco

  • Sep 2013 to June 2014

    Al Qalam High School

    Scientific Baccalaureat
    Agadir, Morocco

My wider skillset

I might be focused on deep learning in the long term, but my experiences made me learn numerous skills, giving birth to interests and hobbies.

Deep Learning

If you got huge data about a domain, you might be interested in using it to incur a transformation in your processes.

Machine learning

Statistical inference and learning to classify and predict answers for problems.

Symbolic AI

Worked on different approaches of the classical symbolic AI

Node.js Development

Flexible Framework for developing backend apps using Javascript, with numerous features.

Android Development

Development of mobile applications for Android devices, using the Java and Kotlin.

Graphic Design

Manipulated sufficiently Photoshop and Gimp, from simple to advanced use cases.